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TS Artwork LLC officially opened in November 2011!  I've studied and worked within my art since I  attended Grand Valley College in the late 1970's as an art major and have had the passion for art my whole life.  My art is an interpretation of life around me.   Primarily my art creations surround using recycled and repurposed materials, found things and creating 2 & 3D artpieces on glass, metal, cork, wood, and canvas.   I'll use the found objects,  and recycled glass which I tumble or file to eliminate sharp edges.  My inspiration for where my art takes me is a freedom difficult to explain, hours go by when working on a painting, or within a glass 3D piece, breaking/shaping glass - it's the process to take me there, the creativity of it all.

My daughter Jewelle shares my passion of art and works side by side with me as my sales and marketing partner.   My daughter and I hope you can visit us at one of our shows .  Some of the pieces are for sale on the web-site, a "Buy This" button can be found next to the description for those items.  We appreciate your visiting our web-site and interest in my artwork.
The TS Artwork Team:  From left to right - Jewelle Vanden Band (Sales), and Tammy Schrock (Artist)