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Original Artwork - 1

"Changes", Glass on glass mosaic with a touch of gold rope for the swing.  The foundation is a heavy glass frameless picture, desktop, with new and recycled glass depicting the changes of the seasons in the leaves of the trees,,the empty swing is for your interpretation. - $125.00
"Gateway" - 16" x 20", an impressionistic mosaic artpiece on board.  This is a gateway to anywhere your imagination will take you.  One of my few mosaics that is solely out of glass.   $650.00
"Cascade Rose" - Mixed media, Vintage Frame, recycled glass, crystals, repurposed jewelry, and crystals throughout the artpiece to create a stunning new work for your wall or mantel. - $225.00
View Two of Blue Lotus (Black background).
"Blue Lotus"; Mixed media, mosaic with recycled glass, Czech glass centerpiece, copper,  lapiz lazuli, on glass base. ($750)
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Close up of Blue Lotus, flower and copper work..
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